Monday, October 11, 2010

The Mother without a Child

When asked if she has children, she painfully replies "no"

When she's asked when she'll have kids, she just say's "I don't know"

When she see's a pregnant woman, her heart is filled with despair

When she hears a baby giggle, her eyes are filled with tears

She begged for the life inside her, but none was nurtured there

She prayed for the beat of a heart, but silence filled the air

She longed for a kick or a nudging, but no prodding could she feel

Her deepest desire, her greatest urge both were taken from her

She's the mother without a child, who lost her baby far too soon

Forced to say goodbye, farewell, before their first hello

She mourns the loss of a life, one that never truly began

The child she never met or held, will always be on her mind

1 comment:

  1. This so perfectly captures the thoughts we have felt after a loss...Thank you for sharing this. Kristi