Thursday, October 3, 2013


I have heard this saying many times, in fact my mom cross stitched it for me on a small picture so I see it daily, but today I am overwhelmingly struck by its truth. When my son, MJ, was born and opened his eyes, he saw nurses, a doctor, flashing lights, machines, his daddy, and eventually me, his mommy; the world around him felt cold I'm sure; without the buffer of my body I can imagine this new place he entered seemed loud and disruptive; and considering the mode of his entrance into this world I'm sure the whole experience seemed quite cruel. On the other hand, when my angel, Sparrow, first opened her eyes she got to behold Jesus, she saw streets of pure gold, gates of pearl, she looked upon a literal paradise, she felt warmth, and heard the voices of generations of worshippers singing to their Mighty King; there was no cruelty in this birth, in entering this new world, there was only peace and perfection. My heart feels great joy and peace at this thought, today I am overwhelmingly struck by this truth!

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