Monday, December 31, 2012

Your Hands

This was the very first song I heard after I heard the words "Your numbers went down, which does mean you had a miscarriage," after I made several phone calls to various people like my work, the Red Cross, my husband, some family, I climbed in the car and heard these words...and they couldn't have been more perfect. When the words "I have asked a thousand ways, that you would take my pain away" hit my ears I felt the weight of every prayer I felt had been left unanswered that week, the pain of my pleas for life that seemingly went nowhere, the heartache that I never imagined would enter my life, but as I listened on, hope filled that car and my heart. These lyrics went on to promise unwavering stability amidst my collapsing world, they promised a safe haven in a life that I felt had been irreparably violated, they offered a promise that no matter how bad things felt, no matter how awful they seemed that they would be set right. Life has taken me many places since I first heard these lyrics, but what has been proven true is that while God's hands may be powerful enough to shape this world, they are also gentle enough to hold me in my pain, that a God powerful enough to heal the sick and hurting, is heartbroken by my tears, that while the road may seem weary and winding, God will make my path straight and guide my every step.

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